Sky high overdevelopment is coming to Lygon St, North of Blyth St

Let’s stop this dangerous precedent in its tracks.


Have your say

How does this development effect you?

This is a survey for those who object to this planning application only, to help better understand their objections.

We will use your responses to build a case to present to Council.

Our Community Movement

We know too well that living in Brunswick is great. The suburb's location; its access to public transport; and its lively cultural scene make it an attractive place to live and therefore to develop. We support balanced development that works within the planning overlay to foster vibrant, integrated communities. 

Unfortunately, the development proposed for 495-497 Lygon St, Brunswick East isn't aligned with this vision. To reach a reasonable compromise with the developer we have created this community forum to make sure our voices are heard in the most effective way possible. 


Whatever this developer gets through will set a precedent moving forward for acceptable developments including their heights – which is what created the overdevelopment in South Lygon St..

That is why we are asking you to Save Lygon Street North.


The Approach


We want to hear what your main concerns are via our survey.


We'll combine and condense the community's response into a concise presentation.


We'll deliver our presentation at the next Planning and Related Matters meeting at Moreland Civic Centre on April 28.


While one person will deliver the presentation on your behalf, our voice will be amplified if you also attend the meeting on April 28. We encourage as many people to turn up and support this community movement.


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